Yale Bertolucci, CQE

Construction Quality Enterprises

We can provide QC/QA for the materials you provide to the construction industry. We not only offer material sampling and testing services, we can help your staff testing in your on-site lab. If you currently have your own QC/QA program and lab we can set you up with your own on-site compliant testing lab and train your staff to keep the materials you produce within specified limits.

          Aggregate Plant
                  Aggregate Sampling
                  Asphaltic Oil Sampling
                  Plant Production Monitoring and Evaluation
          Asphalt Sampling
                  Hot Plant Drier Drum
                  Stack Plant
          Concrete Plant
                  Batch Plant Monitoring
          Lab Construction Material Testing
          QC/QA Program Development
          Testing Lab Setup & In-House Staff Training
          Field  Material Testing
                  Aggregate Base