Yale Bertolucci, CQE

Construction Quality Enterprises

An Introduction to Soils and Compaction.

I’m offering the following Bonus Presentation to any company or organization interested in quality work, efficient use of resources and maximizing profit potential when managing, handling and processing the compaction of construction materials

I would like to offer you a two-hour seminar with Q & A free of charge* to your company's key staff or your entire company to help educate and provide complete knowledge for making the best decisions regarding planning and completing your project.

Seminar items covered will include:

Soil Mechanics.

Material Types.

On-Site Conditions.

Material Processing and Handling.

Proper Compaction Methods.


*If the site is out of the Sacramento or San Francisco Bay area or other approved nearby metropolitan area, any necessary transportation and lodging costs will be charged.  Complete proposal will be provided upon request.